Professional, Creative Landscape Solution

"I have never had so many good ideas day after day as when I worked in the garden. "

- John Erskine

Want to know more about Bluebonnet Landscape Creations? It a business is owned and operated by Randy Hardin. Randy graduated from Texas Tech University with a Bachelor of Landscape Architecture degree. He is a registered Landscape Architect and is a member of the American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA). His years of experience allow Randy to provide professional, creative landscape solutions and master plans for an exceptional value.

Bluebonnet Landscape Creations


At Bluebonnet Landscape Creations, we believe that a creative landscape design can be compared to the Interior Design process. As in Interior Design, we carefully consider how color, texture, height, and proportion work together relating to plants and materials to form an aesthetically pleasing, unique, outdoor living environment.

We create and frame views, and accentuate existing site features to form outdoor “rooms” so that the transition between indoors and outdoors is a fluent one. Ultimately, we provide an elegant, beautiful outdoor living area to match the style of our clientele.

Bluebonnet Landscape Creations


During our first meeting at your property, we will talk about your project goals. Budget requirements, material preferences, and plant likes/dislikes will be discussed. Existing site features relating to slope, soil conditions, sun/shade factors, and the presence of existing plant materials will be noted. Finally, we will take pictures and measurements of existing features so we can view your property as we are developing your landscape design.

*In order to develop a design for your property, we will require a plot plan/site survey and/or pool plan for your home. This scaled base drawing will allow us to provide a more precise design, and facilitate faster design time.

At the second meeting, we will review your custom landscape design. We will also provide a detailed material list showing all items to be used on your project. If necessary, we will view pictures of plant materials and projects that are similar in size and scope of work.

After any needed revisions are made, and you are satisfied with the landscape design and proposal, a 50 percent deposit will allow us to order materials and to schedule the work to be done. Upon completion of the work, we will perform a project walk-through to answer any questions you have, and to ensure you are completely happy with the results!